Lcdbillboard advertises local business locally. Lcdbillboard offers an advertising solution In your local community.With the internet local business advertise to the world yet have trouble finding business close to  home. The locations are in your local area so your customers are local customers. We use a visually ad on the screen with a business card close by. Something a person can take with them advertising your business.
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Is your business card one of the many stuck to any bulletin
board you can find. Lcdbillboard plans to change that. Why
not have a full motion ad along side your business card.
Lcdbillboard will look after your cards restock if necessary.
Advertising on Lcdbillboard's website and facebook page.
Keeping your digital ad up to date new sales or monthly
specials. Best of all, local advertising in your community to
helping you find new local customers.
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. Please call about hosting a location and how it can benifit your Business
Do you have a business that could  rent wall space or floor space. Do you support local business that supports your business. Lcdbillboard offer two ways for the hosting business to get paid for hosting. One with a set cash amount end of story or advertisings and business cards at your location and advertising and cards at another location
Vinyl Decals & Signs
Looking for Small Business Interested in Local Advertising
Lcdbillboard does have access to a full color vinyl printer. We are working on custom color decals. In the future Lcdbillboard is looking into custom wraps on every day items like cars, fridges and doors.
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